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LiMix is uncomplicated, fast and efficient.

LiMix manages to automate the sale of any kind of bar drinks completely independently.

All LiMix needs are the desired drinks and the necessary information about them. From now on the customer can mix his favourite drink at any time without any problems.

The Story:

LiMix started as a fun project of Linus and me. Linus is a handman at work and we complement each other perfectly for building amazing, smart products.
Now LiMix became a great product with a fantastic story with super important learnings for us. And the story isn’t over yet.

But here the whole story in chronological order:

Dec. 2018

During the innodays we had the idea of a bar-drink-mix-machine.
At this point no idea how to do that.

Jan 2019

> Brainstorming with several ideas how to manage difficult hurdles like hygiene.
> Found the perfect ventil for our biggest problem at this point through apres ski.
> Designed our first prototype for the Smart-City-Dornbirn competition 2019.

Feb 2019

old LiMix

Built the planned a prototype within a few weeks and participated the Smart-City-Dornbirn competition 2019.

Works great for the first prototype but no win for us at this point.

We also took part the Junior Company Competition in Vorarlberg with this prototype but were somewhat rebuffed with the words “this is just a hobby project” while the winner team started singing about water bottles (they hadn’t even built themselves) on the final pitch.

Mar 2019

We applied with LiMix the “Young Entrepreneurs Conference” (wiz-summit nowadays) and created one of the best 15 business plans from all applicants.

May 2019

So we found ourselves driving with the LiMix in the luggage space to Styria and then writing the pitch in the night before our big day in the hostel (which is going to be tradition for us).

The pitch went well and we got a great opportunity (can’t tell more about that for now, stay tuned) and met amazing people on the event.


May. 2019 – Oct. 2019

So we knew we had to bring LiMix to a much more professional level.

We started brainstorming and designing the User-Experience as well as the whole product design and thus entire technological functionality new.

We basically reinvented the whole machine.

new LiMix

Now LiMix had got a Tablet, looked way better and had got a Website (

At this Point a big shout out to Michael Stadler, a regional carpenter, who helped us to build the case of the LiMix.

Nov. 2019

We were honored by SmartCity Dornbirn (thank you!!)

Special Honor

We got the opportunity to pitch our product on the mainstage at the innodays 2019 in Bregenz as an example Project for the innodays.

Pitching at Innodays

You should definitely check them out:


Feb. 2020

A case-study about LiMix from innodays: (Super good written)

At the moment we are working on fixes for the last bugs and on an app for the administrator of the LiMix.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us! /