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Dudlarcoach is the app to support the entire learning process for music students. The app is currently being developed by my colleague Linus Albrecht and me (as with LiMix).

Dudlar Coach

Practice makes perfect

With the help of the Dudlercoach app, the time practiced can be easily recorded by the learners themselves using the timer function.

Together with the teacher, exercise targets can be set. Learners are automatically reminded of their learning work and motivated by modern didactic functions.

Through daily, regular practice with the app, learners build up a Dudlar-Streak.

This signals diligent practising and strengthens the motivation to use the instrument every day.

Evaluation - transparency is important

Successfully completed tasks can be administered by the teachers so that the learning progress is documented.

The app then automatically prompts the teacher to rate the tasks using a simple 5-star system. This creates transparency for learning success.

But not only the evaluation by the teacher is important, learners can also evaluate themselves and let their own point of view flow in.


Self-learning competence is based on the knowledge of one's own ability. Dudlar gives learners constructive feedback so that individual learning is targeted. With Dudlarcoach, learners, teachers and parents alike keep track of learning success.

The music school itself also gains an exciting insight into its own operations. Did you know up to now how often, how long and at what time of day on average the learners practice?

The data is processed anonymously and offers numerous possibilities for evaluation.

Everything at a glance.


In order to maintain motivation in the learning process, the Dudlarcoach regularly reports back to the students with praise, tips and recognition. This rewards invested practice time, positive evaluations from the teacher and the achievement of self-set goals.